Upon every full moon, an unknown beast releases itself from the depths of Mount Deepira Tomb. Roaming the small village of Runa Belgorist, it seeks a new victim to ensure the survival of their very own unnatural kind. The towns folk have hired a drifter that specializes in the slaying of wicked night beasts. You must travel to Mount Deepira Tomb and slay the beast that is terrorizing and killing the people.

Make your way through the perilous dungeons in this first person dungeon crawler. Face numerous monsters each with their own attacks and strengths. Fight them with an arsenal of weapons and magic while solving puzzles and finding ways to survive and escape the dungeons.


- An assortment of unique and lengthy dungeons to explore.

- 13 Weapons and Magic to choose from to slay your foes.

- 32 Unique and massive dungeon monsters to fight.

- Fully animated monsters, weapons and environment.

- Unique soundtrack that matches the theme of each dungeon.

- Realtime combat.

- Grid based movement.